Tips From Our Contributor Blake Leavitt

Blake Leavitt’s Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home

Top real estate tips
Top real estate tips

I recently came across a blog where the owner went on and on ranting about how difficult it can be to sell your house and get top dollar for it. The truth is that most people are not real estate agents, it is therefore not possible that they could sell houses easily like a professional Realtor. On this blog, I have often given tips and tricks with which any homeowner could easily sell his or her home quickly and at a good price. Recently, I ran across an old friend of mine Blake Leavitt, a real estate agent from Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada and while we were discussing over a beer, he explained how much easier it would be to sell houses if the owners knew what to do.

Blake explains how Selling a House Can be Easy

Most houses are good, he explains but it can be difficult seeing the true beauty of a house if the owners have not cleared it out a bit or renovated areas that needed an update or many other minor tweaks. A potential buyer has to be able to imagine a beautiful home before making a purchase decision, but most home owners who want to sell their homes do not put in as much effort and so they get mediocre results. Blake Leavitt has been a real estate agent renting and selling commercial and private houses, condos and high rise buildings around Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. His website is at Blakesellsvegas where he explains who he is and offers tips and tricks to both real estate buyers and sellers.

Blake’s 5 tips for Selling Your Home

Following are the 5 tips Blake outlined for me that any home owner could use to sell a home faster and for more money.

– First Impression counts
The first sight of the house matters a lot. No matter how good the interior is, if it looks terrible on the outside, then the battle is already lost. This is one big real estate secret. Landscaping can do wonders or simply planting beautiful flowers by yourself and making sure the paint is up to date. Your front door is equally as important.

– Mind that Kitchen
The kitchen is the central part of any home. The kitchen is such an important part of the house that it is very difficult for you to sell a house if there are unresolved, serious issues with its kitchen. Repainting the kitchen is a must and then comes cabinet changes. If you have extra money, then don’t hesitate, spend it on the kitchen because you will surely be making that money back.

– De-personalize
You have to get rid of as much personal effects as possible. Having plenty of your personal stuff in the house makes it impossible for a potential home buyer to imagine the place as home sweet home. So de-personalization is very necessary to increasing the odds of selling a home.

– Lots of Light
Even in a desert state like Nevada, real estate buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson place a lot of emphasis on light. Everybody wants a well-lit home. So make sure you maximize the lighting in your home.

– Set the Price Right
Many sellers make the mistake of pricing their homes too high, expecting the price to then come down a little when a potential buyer makes an offer. What they should be doing is pricing their homes at least 10% below market value to attract bids. Potential buyers will then bid-up the price.


It was an eye opening discussion with Blake Levitt. The information was spot-on, also coming from a real estate agent whom I had much respect for. I decided to publish these tips on this blog as they were too good not to share.